Personal Investigations


The Gerstenberg Group is a proven leader in this field, having conducted more than 5,000 family law investigations, including many complex and high-profile cases. Our team is trusted by law firms and individuals to conduct professional, thorough and discreet investigations involving divorce, child custody international child abduction and other family law issues.

What sets The Gerstenberg Group apart is our ability to determine your needs and create the most efficient and effective plan to solve the case. Our professionalism and experience give you the advantage you are looking for in an investigation company. 

Our services include:

Surveillance. We can discover and document evidence of infidelity, child neglect, abuse or endangerment, and other activities relevant to a family law case. We maximize surveillance opportunities and understand what is discoverable and admissible in court.


Expert testimony. Our team of investigators provides expert, professional testimony regarding evidence they have gathered. Lawyers know they can trust us to conduct comprehensive, ethical investigations that stand up in court.  


Computer and Mobile forensics. Personal computers and other electronic devices may yield valuable information, but it is important to have lawful access to these devices. We specialize in keeping up with the latest technology and knowing how to recover electronic information.  

GPS vehicle tracking to find out the location where your vehicle is currently located.

Hidden video surveillance for recording crucial information that may be presented as evidence in a lawsuit.