ITRV: Income Tax & Employer Verification

ITRV matches Name, SSN, and Address of the taxpayer to the IRS database and provides income and employer

Transcripts. Verify past income and employer history to mitigate fraud and strengthen due diligence processes for HR Departments, Background screeners, Lenders, Property Management, and others whenever verification is needed.

Transcripts of personal and/or business Income Tax Returns can be requested with taxpayer consent.

Form 1040 and other Transcripts available for current year plus prior 3 years (4 year total) 

Forms 1065 and 1120 are examples of available Business Transcripts

Form W-2, 1098, and 1099 series (Wage and Income Documents) may be available for current year plus prior 9 years (10 year total) 

Ask us about the entire list of IRS Forms that are available!

Our ITRV process is simple, fast, and efficient. It uses an online process to generate and submit IRS Form 4506T. Following applicant signature, results are returned in two business days or less.

Obtain accurate income information and mitigate fraud from the IRS with ITRV