Corporate Investigations


A corporation’s interests and its key executives need to be protected, whether that protection comes from uncovering hidden information or providing physical security. Innovative legal solutions are not always obvious, and creativity and discretion are often critical.

Due Diligence/Business Intelligence

The better the information…the better the business decision. Our strategies include reviewing public records, identifying and interviewing sources, surveillance and networking with contacts. We then analyze the information and present it in a complete report. Business services include but are not limited to:

 Background Investigations

 Financial and Fraud Investigations

 Competitive Intelligence

 Field Investigations


Undercover Investigations

The Gerstenberg Group can place an experienced undercover investigator in your workplace to reduce liability and theft, as well as to resolve employee-related situations that include but are not limited to:


 Employee Theft

 Substance Abuse

 Sexual Harassment

 Policy Violations



 Theft of Trade Secrets

We prepare detailed reports that recap the day-to-day proceedings within the workplace and immediately call to attention any major policy violations or illegal activity. We also detail what is going well in the organization so that we can provide a more complete picture of the employer’s work environment.