Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) service was developed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) in 2002 to protect vital business interests. It mitigates fraud and identity theft while reducing losses, bad/negligent hires, and unauthorized workers and applicants.

As an original enrolled company in CBSV 

CBSV is a unique service that offers:

Direct access to the SSA Master File and Death Index for all business purposes

Instant, online validation of personal identifiers: Name / SSN / Date of Birth / Death Indicator

Virtually 100% accurate results to official governmental source records

 Absolute validation used for:

 Employment Screening (both pre- and post-hire) / Tenant Screening

 Applicants (customers/clients, policyholders, students, patients, more)
Loan originations (mortgage, auto, personal), depository accounts, insurance

Creditors (retail, utilities, telecom, etc.)

Fraud investigations and by Special     Investigative Units

Premier compliance tool (e.g., Red Flags Rule, CIP, KYC, Fannie Mae LQI, Dodd-Frank, more)

Fraud and ID theft protection: reduces losses, charge-offs, unauthorized workers and applicants

Furthermore, current schemes being perpetrated by ID thieves (such as Credit Profile Numbers (CPN) and Synthetic Identity Theft) might not be detected by the use of SSN Trace algorithms, credit header information or other methods because all other verification alternatives are inherently flawed, contain polluted credit profiles, are easily manipulated by identity thieves, and contain stale data. Not so with CBSV; source data that is updated daily.

In 2007, the Federal Trade Commission said there are over 10 million more profiles in the system than there are consumers. CBSV thwarts fraud and identity theft by validating personal identifiers direct to the official governmental issuing authority. No other method is as effective as CBSV nor can any other method make this claim.

Gain a competitive advantage and receive the ultimate benefit of protecting your vital business interests for all your validation and compliance needs.