Asset Recovery


At The Gerstenberg Group, we understand the specific needs of finance companies, credit unions and real estate management companies. We tailor our services to fit that need.

Most companies skip trace…

We specialize in fraud cases and very difficult locates --

succeeding where skip tracers give up.

Give your team the information they need to succeed.

Working closely with your team, we keep them apprised of our results to locate your customer and their assets successfully. Our professional investigators can also assist your legal staff in matters of deficiency balances.


 85% success rate on locates 

 Investigated and provided evidence 

 that helped to end local, national 

 and international fraud rings


 A leader in Asset Recovery 

 Same ownership for 21 years  

 Member – Southern California

 Fraud Investigators Association 


Vehicle Asset Recovery

- Straw Purchase Fraud

- Straw Lease Fraud

- Credit Application Fraud

- Lease Failure to Return

- Lease Fraud

- Embezzled Vehicles

- Fraud Rings – i.e. Subletting Companies, Rental Companies, etc.

- Uncooperative Debtors

Real Estate Matters

- Location of tenant/owner

- Location of liquid assets

- Location of personal property