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About The Gerstenberg Group

The Gerstenberg Group is a professional private investigation company that began in Southern California in 1997 serving a clientele that spans locally, nationally and internationally. In 2013 the company relocated its headquarters to North Dallas. The Gerstenberg Group has been providing investigative services to the business community for 21 years, offering complete investigations and litigation support to law firms, finance companies & credit unions, real estate management companies and corporations, as well as individuals, all of whom have acknowledged our service excellence, and continue to rely on our company's expertise and reputation for the accurate and timely resolution to the matter at hand. The Gerstenberg Group’s investigative staff is comprised of top level investigation professionals with diverse backgrounds and unsurpassed investigative skills. Our unique network of databases, confidential sources and professional skills has forged us into the successful company we are today.

About Richard Gerstenberg

Our founder, Richard Gerstenberg, began his career as a private investigator 25 years ago. Since that time, he has become a leader in the profession, earning the respect of colleagues and clients worldwide. Throughout his career, Richard has conducted top-notched investigations which include, but are not limited to asset, fraud and criminal investigations, as well as surveillance and undercover. Over the years, Richard has become a well-known and respected investigator in the industry.